Essex Day 2016 – Thank You!

We would like to thank our vendors and friends who shared Essex Day with us. We experienced the misfortune of the ride company going out of business, and failing to advise those venues where they were booked. At 6 A.M. on Sunday morning-our hands were tied. Our Festival Chair, Joe Dicara, and Midway Chair, Carol Karwacki; however are already in the process of acquiring a company for next year. Some questioned why the karaoke stage was not at its regular location. Since the karaoke Director chose to separate from the festival this year, our Festival Co-Chair, Ric Metzgar, assumed that location for the Christian Stage. We were advised that the people really enjoyed the new spot. We also want to thank our local churches for being patient every year with the added activity and traffic. As we have every year, out of respect for our churches, we refrain from having music until 1:00 P.M. Speaking of music, we would like everyone to know that Doug Lester has agreed to assume the position of entertainment and stage management for 2017. We think it’s fair to say that everyone will be pleased with the result. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2017.

3 thoughts on “Essex Day 2016 – Thank You!”

  1. I will agree with some, and diagree with many of the events and decisions leading up to this year’s Essex Day. I am not in favor of how many things were interpreted and presented, including this article. I’ve refrained from speaking publicly about it, but maybe that’s not my best approach. I feel like we’ve entered into a Two Can Play At That Game contest, even though I thought I left that part of my life back at Middle River Junior High.

  2. My kids were sad there were no rides but the karaoke made up for everything. They both got to perform on stage and the paper took their photos. We went to visit the little museum that we never had been in before and it was very nice. We enjoyed the new spot for the christin music.

  3. I’m with you, Brian! This post clearly shows it’s time for a change. Audrey, so wonderful that your kids could enjoy karaoke and our museum. Hope to see you back one Saturday to tour the rest of the building!

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